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Alpha-C is honored to become a distributor of "Court of the Dead" PVC statues by Pure Arts

World renowned broadgame, animation, comics and statue franchise "Court of the Dead" has recently been developed into a new standard of collectibles by Pure Arts, well known for its video game collector figures from the Arkham series, Mortal Kombat, Shadow of War, Tekken, Assassin's Creed, Watch Dogs, Darksouls and many more. The all new Prestige Statuettes collection retains all the details and intricate painting style of a Premium Format statue in a figure that stands just 10 to 13 inches tall. Introducing 3 new PVC figures: Xiall, The Great Osteomancer Kier, First Sword of the Underworld Gethsemoni, Queen of the Dead

Alpha-C is honored to become a distributor in Hong Kong, with our retail branch SEVEN Toys as an authorized retailer of the series. About Pure Arts PURE ARTS® is now one of the leading suppliers of premium quality collectible figurines for the video game and movie industries. About Sideshow Collectibles In 1994, Sideshow embarked on a mission to connect people with their favorite icons from the worlds of comics, films and television. Over the past 20+ years, this crazy plan to celebrate Pop Culture has matured into a uniquely successful endeavor – one sustained by a passionate worldwide community that is committed to the lifestyle of collecting figural art. #CourtOfTheDead #PVCFigures #PureArts #Sideshow #AlphaCGroup #SevenToys #PrestigeStatuettes #Xiall #Kier #Gethsemoni

#PureArts #SideshowCollectibles #PrestigeStatuettes #Xiall #Kier #Gethsemoni #AlphaCGroupLtd #alphaC #PVCFigure #CourtOfTheDead

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