IRONMAN Vacuum Cleaner & Mini-Refrigerator by KING KONG STUDIO coming to ACGHK 2018

全球首部IRONMAN 手臂型吸塵機 及 頭盔型小型雪櫃 香港動漫電玩節 率先開訂! 韓國品牌KING KONG STUDIO 繼去年為我們带來figure 史上首套K-POP "Big Bang" 可動人偶後,今年香港動漫電玩節再下一城,為我們帶來Marvel授權 IRONMAN手臂型吸塵機 及 頭盔型小型雪櫃, 是每個真正IM 迷都必需擁有的實用收藏品,7月27日至31日記得到SEVEN Booth C19 - 20 訂購! Alpha-C 為KING KONG STUDIO 的香港及中國獨家代理 Having brought to us the first ever K-POP "Big Bang" collectible action figures last year, Korean brand KING KONG STUDIO took licensed products to another level by releasing Marvel licensed IRONMAN Vacuum Cleaner and Mini-refrigerator, both must have for all true IM fans! Be sure to visit SEVEN's Booth C19 - 20 to Preorder between 27 - 31 JUL @ ACGHK2018! KING KONG STUDIO is solely distributed by Alpha-C in Hong Kong and China.

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