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JackalX latest releases world premiere @ ACGHK 2018

馬來西亜原創軍事科幻1/6 兵人品牌 JACKALX繼去年推出熱賣断市的John Reese, 將再次参展今屆香港動漫電玩節並發佈四款全新開發的產品,當中包括去年曾預告的 Joel Hagen (接受預訂)、穿Exo-Skeleton 的 Mike Winter,以及神祕冬兵配機械戰犬,軍事及科幻迷記得7月27日至31日去SEVEN C19 - 20 攤位睇下呢批全球首發的軍事科幻勁作嘞。 Alpha-C 為 JackalX 的香港獨家代理。 Malaysian 1/6 scale futuristic military brand JACKALX will be returning to ACGHK this year and premiere for the first time their latest releases, including Joel Hagen (previewed at ACGHK 2017, now two versions available for Pre-Order), an all new character Mike Winter in Exo-Skeleton, plus a secret winter style soldier featuring a robotic canine. Military Cyborgs and JackalX fans please be assured to come see these amazing releases up close and Pre-Order Joel Hagen! JackalX is solely distributed by Alpha-C in Hong Kong.

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