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Pewpewgun featured in Model Kit World Vol.326 Jul 2018.

Taiwanese 1/6 scale original design brand Pewpewgun is featured in the latest issue of Model Kit World.

Formed by a team of Sci-Fi fans, Pewpewgun adopted the iconic Sci-Fi props "Laser Gun" as their logo, and named their brand after the sound it makes. In 2016, Pewpewgun released the "Realistic Robot Series - Pinyike 「憑依壳」", first of its kind in the 1/6 scale market, highly articulated and poseable. In 2017, basing on the "Pinyike" body, Pewpewgun team incorporated cultural icon the Monkey King into the design with a touch of wasteland, and released the "GAOGUA" 「妖怪」series. This year, Pewpewgun is releasing the highly anticipated PI-XIU 貔貅 (high mobility module) and POLICE Module, with an all new four-legged centaur like accessories pack available. Pewpewgun is solely distributed in Hong Kong and distributed in China by Alpha-C group. Model Kit World 「機動世界」 is the only scale-model and collectibles magazine still in print today in Hong Kong, Alpha-C has been in partnership with them since February 2017 to promote different collectible brands to their readers, as well as providing our represented brands a rare printed-press exposure in the digital age.

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