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DARKCROWN TOYS "Burning Souls Lucky Charm - 達摩 daruma" featured in Model Kit World

A Daruma doll (達摩 daruma) is a hollow, round, Japanese traditional doll modeled after Bodhidharma, the founder of the Zen tradition of Buddhism. These dolls, though typically red and depicting a bearded man (Dharma), vary greatly in color and design depending on region and artist. Though considered a toy by some, Daruma has a design that is rich in symbolism and is regarded more as a talisman of good luck to the Japanese.

In DARKCROWN TOYS's original design series "Burning Souls", there are seven demonic clans, each has their own "Daruma", the previously released "Crimson" originated from the clan"Ghost Face", and this version of Daruma is of the clan, used for opening up portals and communication across dimensions. Kevin designed his version of this classic Japanese lucky charm to give strength and courage to its owners, his supporters in their endeavors in life. The lucky charm is hollowed within for collectors to keep their precious items. Color BLACK, first in the series serves to dispel misfortune and bad luck. DARKCROWN TOYS is solely distributed by Alpha-C Group in Hong Kong. DARKCROWN TOYS(暗黑王冠) <燃魂> 開運物系列第一款 「鬼面達摩」達摩玩偶是一種日本特有的文化載體,人們會給它塗上更華麗的色彩,像征著「吉祥」、「長壽」、「平安」的寓意。另外,達摩也經常做成不倒翁的形態,在其身上寫下祝福語。在日本,這類達摩不倒翁經常作為禮物饋贈,其寓意是“七轉八起”,代表著人生不可能永遠一帆風順,而我們需要一種不屈不撓的珍貴精神。 國內原創品牌DARKCROWN TOYS(「暗黑王冠」)所創造的 <燃魂> 世界中,一共有七個妖怪部族,每個部族都有自己獨特的「達摩」。 較早前公布的第一個1/6可動人偶“赤鬼”來自制造赤鬼和青鬼的「鬼面寺」,而今次推出的「鬼面達摩」便是「鬼面寺」陣營的道具。首發的「鬼面達摩」分為黑、赤兩種傳統配色及兩種不同的開運寓意 :赤色 – 除魔辟邪、黑色 - 擋煞除噩運。 「鬼面達摩」的設定是作傳遞信息或觸發結界之用,較大的「達摩」本體駐扎在部族本部,角色們亦會隨身攜帶小的「達摩」。至於其他部族的「達摩」是否有更多神秘的力量,則有待官方後續發布。 「鬼面達摩」的設計除了體現了無謂艱難、七轉八起的傳統不倒翁達摩的寓意外,更多了百戰不屈的拼搏精神。 「鬼面達摩」的內部融入 <燃魂> 系列獨有的精密機甲元素,開合設計使之具備收納物品功能。(許願物、藏金、甚至變成骰鐘,玩法多樣!)另據「暗黑王冠」官方透露,當前的「達摩」系列打開後裡面雖然是空的,但後續會有新作品入住其中。

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