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Jiuan Studio 玖安工作室 100% handmade, authentic, accurate and wearable historical armor in one sixth sca

Jiuan Studio 玖安工作室 is formed by a group of ancient armor fanatics, not totally satisfied with what is available in the one sixth market, they decided to venture forth and make the never-attempt before -100% handmade, authentic, accurate and wearable historical armor in one sixth scale!

Mr. Beary, founder of the group explained meaning of the brand name, "Jiuan means Peace and Stability over time, they picked this name as their works is highly delicate and painstakingly time-consuming, that the finished piece would be everlasting. They named the series "Firework" to prevail that their creations is full of live, realistic and stunning!"

Prior to this release, Mr. Beary successfully released a 15 pieces only Samurai Armor last year and were sold out at the price of 10, 000RMB (1570USD) per set, which allowed him the fund to form "Jiuan Studio" and mass produce their latest creation - "Deer of Wakayama", the iconic red armor worn by the famous samurai Sanada Yukimura.

Jiuan Studio - Samurai Series "Firework" No. 1 ~ Deer of Wakayama 玖安工作室 - 日本古代题材系列 <烟火> 第一弹 「和歌山之鹿」 知其不可为而为之,舍生而取义者 」 「以地藏之钱,化六道,即过三途之川料金,以达极乐"Act even when it is deemed impossible, honor over one's own life" "Bearing the coins of the sixth paths (Hell, Gaki, Chikusho -Killing brutes, Asura, Man, and Heaven) to reach Elysium, the only way warrior could attain eternal peace after a life of killing." 350 sets already sold out in China 中国大陆地区发售数量:350只 (已售罄) Now available for Pre-Order till 15th June 2018 @ Alpha-C Alpha-C is Jiuan Studio's Sole Distributor in Hong Kong and authorized distributor overseas. Alpha-C 為玖安工作室的香港獨家及海外官方代理

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