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Alpha-C Group Ltd. is honored to become the Hong Kong sole distributor of award winnings and best se

Alpha-C Group Ltd. is honored to become the Hong Kong sole distributor of awards winning and best selling original design sculpture artist Yuan Xingliang 袁星亮 ! Yuan Xingliang, former game character designer, now a full time artist, champion of the nation wide "3rd Creature GK Sculpture Competition", China, in 2016 袁星亮, 毕业于四川美术学院雕塑系之前从事游戏角色美术3D创作,坚持原型创作已达10年之久。 Yuan's winning piece "Autumn - Guanghan Palace" was shared over 22,000 times on weibo and was mass produced. The limited edition 500 pieces was sold in record breaking 27minutes. 在2016 年在“造物”原型创作大赛第三季中,袁星亮的《秋鸾.广寒宫》横空出世,一举夺得本季高级组冠军。作品不仅在微博上转发超过22000多次,同时还创下了27分钟500只的销售奇迹。 In June 2017, Yuan's another original design series "Fish, General, Journey" has also been mass produced and critically acclaimed among collectors and sold out also. 在2017年的6月,袁星亮推出了他的第二个原创作品《鱼.将.行》,同样受到了玩家的广泛好评。 In April 2018, Yuan released his second creation "Spring Mang Taohua Island " under the series title Four Seasons Fantasy City, a follow up of "Autumn - Guanghan Palace", which was debut at the Shanghai Wonder Festival, and broke another record of sold out 500 pieces in 2 seconds in mainland China. 於2018年4月, 袁星亮发表了 「四季幻城系列」新作《春芒.桃花岛》, 於上海Wonder Festival 参展, 并再次打破国内秒杀抢购纪录, 于2秒内完成首批预售的500套。Alpha-C 很荣幸成为国内获奖原型师袁星亮的香港独家代理。

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