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Congratulations to First4Figures, DarkCrown Toys, Acid Rain and threeA for the recognition at the 1s

At the TOYSOUL 2017 just passed, four of Alpha-C's associated brands had been recognized at the 1st Asia Toys Awards by Toysoul X ToysTV / 「TOYSOUL x 玩具TV 玩具頒獎禮」 . High-end game licensed collectibles producer First4Figures received the publicly voted "My favorite collectible brand" award / 我最喜愛玩具品牌大獎(網民投票)

First 4 Figures received the publicly voted  Best Collectible brand at the 1st Asia Toys Awards

Both DARKCROWN Toys and ACID RAIN by Oritoy received the professionally voted* "Best Original Design Series" / 傑出原創玩具系列

threeA received the professionally voted* "Best Collectible Brands" Award / 最佳玩具品牌 along side other big names such as Hot Toys, Enterbay and KAIYODO *dominated and voted by industry practitioners in Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Korea and Thailand.

Congratulations to all the 4 brands and we look forward to more and more of our associate brands being recognized next year! Both First 4 Figures and DARKCROWN Toys are represented by Alpha-C in Hong Kong Alpha-C is an authorized retailer of Acid Rain & threeA in Hong Kong

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