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Retail 零售

Over 10, 000 repeat purchase customers  逾十万重复购买客户 

SEVEN Toys is the retail branch of Alpha-C Group, in operation since 2011 at the shopping hub of Hong Kong with two physical stores, weekly updates display of latest prototypes and products, is one of the most popular collectibles retailer in Hong Kong. To cater for online-shopping and overseas collectors, SEVEN Toys opened an online store in 2014 and offers delivery within 48 hours service.

SEVEN Toys 为 Alpha-C Group 原创力集团的全资附属零售品牌, 2011年开业,於香港最热门的玩具购物区 「旺角」及「油麻地」共设有两间实体店铺, 玩家们每周不时到两间铺看货办丶预订和取货,为香港现时其中一间最受欢迎和备受信赖的收藏级玩具专门店之一。

除实体店外,为照顾海外客户及日益普及的网购消费模式,SEVEN Toys 於2014年亦增设网店提供网上零售及预订服务,更可於客户选购货品後48小时内寄货或安排客户到实体店自取。

  2 x Physical Stores at the shopping hubs of H.K.
- Favorite hang-outs for collectors
- Weekly display of latest  prototypes and releases,
- Professional sales services 

- 玩具爱好者的聚脚热点
- 每周率先摆放最新预订样办, 及到货货办
- 专业的销售及售後服务

  2 x Online Stores ( 70K customer base )
- Extensive experience in online selling
- Speedy Pre-Order and After-sales servicing
- Trustworthy online transaction and reliable delivery

  两间坐拥 7 万客户群的网上商店 
- 深厚的网上营销经验
- 迅速及快捷的预订及售後服务
- 可靠的网上付款及货运平台

Strategic Partnership with Reputable Chain stores 

DG LIFESTYLE STORE is the largest APPLE retailer chain store in Hong Kong with 11 outlets at major shopping malls.

DG LIFESTYLE STORE 为香港最大的苹果优质经销商连锁店 , 於各大商

HMV is a global leading specialist retail brand of music, film, games and technology products.


HMV  HMV是一间连锁唱片店,源自英国,在世界多个国家设有分店。

Dream Come True Workshop, HKIA T1, located at Shop 6Y585, the workshop serves to educate and allow visitors to experience innovative products.

Dream Come True Workshop, 香港国际机场 T1, 该工作室位于6Y585号商店,旨在教育和让游客体验创新产品。

NOBLETIME has 17 physical stores  through out Hong Kong, among which 11 at the HKIA and 1 up in the Peak


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