All rounded solution worth more than the 30% discount you might offer on the MSRP         


Trusted by over 20 brands from around the world as their Sole Distributor and Authorized Retailer, Alpha-C has over 20 years of international collectibles trading experience, plus 10 years production and operation experiences of 3 in-house brands.

「原创力」营运收藏级玩具国际商贸逾廿年, 期间创立三个自家品牌, 具备近十年以上的设计及生产的经验, 深受超过廿个中外品牌信赖, 成为他们的独家分销商及授权零售商。

With extensive expertise in marketing promotion and product development, serving both the supply and demand sides of the collectibles market, Alpha-C is your brand's OUTREACH PLATFORM to the vast mainland and overseas market.

凭藉丰富的市场推广经验, 及产品开发的专业知识, 「原创力」可协助你的品牌贯通收藏级玩具市场供应及需求的两个层面, 进军中国及国际市场 。

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